Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh, My Desktop needs Cleaning!!

I have some very "naughty" wallpaper on my desktop!! (wink*)
I have to tell you about this desktop-cleaner I've found.
Click the link, for a cleaning!


ain't that neat!..and, cute!


Nellioness said...

Ha ha ha :))) I love it Will :))) Very nice, thank you!! :)

PS. And million of warm thanks for the comment on the post when I was asking about your woman having sex with a woman. It was a great read. You're a fun person.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I followed and got "twitterred" out! Laughing and curious all the way. :-) Have a great w/e!

Will said...

Nellioness: It's good to see you here. You've got a super, sexy blog.
(you're very welcome!)

Cap'n : Thanks again, for dropping in. Glad you got a laugh. You can follow me on Twitter (sure is a lot of work though: You never know where the heck I'm gonna be! [LOL!})