Monday, October 8, 2007

Getting to the Bottom of Things...and, then some!!:

Granted: I am a Topsy-turvy person.
I can fly with the best 'em; however, when I'm down low..I'm really down low.
Admitting this, without fear, has been a focus/focal point, I've been uncomfortable about setting into a blog-post.

After a long, drawn-out, illness; one which has cropped-up, over the last 2 years, with almost timed regularity, I've reached a point where darkness is "visible" [thank you, William Styron, for the insight]...

...Marfan Syndrome, tied as it is to the connective tissue, doesn't mix well with depression; as one goes through stress, the heart goes through stress, and the muscles go through stress, and this leads to problems.

I've lashed out, in my frustration at people..just as my father, lashes out at me, in his frustration. Apologies, sometimes are the most difficult & hurting aspects, when your sensitivities are aroused.

Now, I've made a decision to combine 3 blogs into one. I love writing poetry. I love writing "spanking stories." And, yes, I love celebrating Birthday's.

You'll find, "BottomsUp," "The Wind Shall Hear My Words," and "The Birthday Blog," at .

The link is in "Across The Universe," where you'll also find all those I love.

I don't think I could ever really kill myself. I love writing too much; I love too much..period.

Take care, friends.

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-eve- said...

Oh Will.... I'm glad you always come back... (And if this sounds corny, so be it; "God loves you"; if you haven't, do give Jesus a chance, especially when you're at the end of your rope {although it would of course be more profitable to give him a chance before that, so you don't waste time...;-)}. You're fighting the good fight.... keep climbing the hill... and remember, there's NO ONE like you... :-) You're irreplaceable... :-) God bless. -eve-