Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm really getting into this Podcast Thing:

SUGASM # 69...(typo/correction)..., I mean, #96!! :

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This Week’s Picks
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The Day After :

Brunch was Hell...Pass the Rainwater, please

posted 09/12/07

I thought to myself:
Maybe, I'm bi-polar,

after all~~

just a bit of rush,
waiting to fall,
~~so, unexpected,
like a good, drenching,rain;
the clouds, blooming,


with thunder.
It wouldn't be the first time,
I'd hid from the World. It wouldn't be the last time, either.
The World, at Brunch today,
was invisible. **
At the table, I sat alone,
and had a late lunch. **

For one, stark minute
I felt as if I were minding more than my own business: I could see where I began and ended; Not rising too high, only to fall, but falling alone, nonetheless. ** So many tears in that rain. So many. ** I must be, bi-polar: I thought to myself, today. ~x~ Will.