Saturday, September 8, 2007

For New York.....Remembering the 11th~~six years ago:

(jus' messin' 'round wid YouTube!)


~~Don't laugh. They say, Charlie Chaplin started out this way...

...and, I believe it.

Love ya, New York!

[Drop me a comment @ YouTube too!)

~x~ Billy b.

EDIT: 9/8/2007 [2:55 p.m.] :

Here is the audio of The YouTube Video~~[This is a podcast, recorded from my Television, into a telephone (for Gabcast), then tranferred to Podbean. Hence, the Sound-quality sucks.]~~In any event, it'll give you an idea of what My performance sounded like.

Enjoy. I hope.

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Yippie! NewYorkBoy! xxoo

PS: I see that someone voted that they "hate" Will the most. It's good to know at least one person hates me!! (LOL!)~~Keep the votes comin!!!!! (Boo!)