Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Universe, as a long and winding road:

Ever changing. Ever Expanding. Ever turning. Ever falling. Ever rising. Forever.

Why must we always give up upon those we love?

We leave, with a wave of our hand,

knowing those paths we've crossed

were only first steps:

a broad, bare, longing...

...or, a shuffle toward forever.



trinity-pup said...

Do we always have to give up though?? Hope you're ok... it's been long enough.


t. x

Anonymous said...

Remember me?

Perhaps not.

Remember me when I was Juno H? Surely you do...

Come visit my new place.

Sapphire, the Elegant Slut xxx

Lil Bit said...

Sometimes the path is rocky and fraught w/obstacles, while we walk it carrying an overstuff backpack.
Sometimes it takes the seasoned veteran of paths such as these to take more than baby steps....

luv, luv, LUUUUV the photo you chose to accompany this post!