Sunday, August 31, 2008

How Quickly The Years Go by...

New York humor!
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trinity-pup said...

i don't think i was available in the last photo!! Must have been busy elsewhere... ;-)

t. x

Simply Curious said...

I'm so confused.. Which blog is your 'regular' blog, so to speak. Give me a page to bookmark, because you have far too many for me to check...

The Guess Who # 2 said...

~~Hey, Pup!

The migration to Delray Beach, I should point out, is something that retiring folk (Such a Mench, I am!) is being reconsidered 'round dinner tables, as the water table rises!

If you were on that beach, my dear, it would certainly be a picture worth taking! xx


Hello, and Welcome to my Universe,

The solution to your confusion, shall be articulated in my next Blog-post here! Stay tuned.




Lil Bit said...

LOL, omg that's hilarious!