Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Favorite Band of The Moment!

For Summer Time "naughtiness":
click the blog-post title.

If you are -18: Enjoy, Augustana, or click, "next blog."

Love yez, Will o6/24/o8


Lil Bit said...

Hey Will ~ I visited your SummerTime blog... lots of fun stuff over there, thanks!

Just wanted to let you know, too... I *STILL* haven't gotten a chance to watch that swinger show pilot, lol.
Was it any good? Is it still on? Did it get picked up or dropped?

Just another Guy! said...

Lil Bit~ Oh! It's still on, alright..I'm not sure if it's going to be on the Fall schedule. This might just be a Summertime lark...

(I'd say it's worth checking out..if anything, for the "campishness" [is that a word?lol!] and, the music..)

Thanks, for dropping in here.
I'm going on "staycation" now..