Monday, May 19, 2008

Where shall I go from here?:

Amazing. That's exactly how I view this little Universe I've traveled in.

Those who seek me out, combing the "Links," will know me better; and, in turn, I can only scatter myself further.

Not everything in life is sexy, or naughty, or full of hot passions; therefore, what you find is the "hodge-podge," and sometimes depressing "posts" I'm prone to~~Yes, RL intrudes, and the confessional quakes! (I'm in a nutty family, and we can all write our stories)

No matter what shit goes down; no matter how it plays (poetry, prose, You, my traveling readers,
will always be in tune...a link away. I'll may drop out, but I'll always be back.

Only death itself will take me out of this Universe.

Love yez,
Will. o5/19/o8.

1 comment:

famejudonline said...

hey......i love the way u say it....Ces't La vie ......and stop sayin S.H.I.T...haha..wink ;-)