Monday, January 7, 2008

For those who want to know:

Little by little,
everything, eventually,
comes together:

Broken toys,
long thrown away,

into the good-byes,
of friends and family;

and, the church-bell no longer rings in your ear.

You'll find yourself,
alone, but determined;

everything you love,
you'll cling to, all the more...

no matter how disappointing the Crew of them.

Memory, where it matters most,
can take a family,
into light, or darkness.

I see my days,
as a summing-up;
no longer fearful of what others think.

In my father's eyes,
I am wise now...

...and, as paired to his Past,
as he.

I, the silent ill,
shall depart from being callous:

Only love,
for the one who raised me.

His absence, has always been ...

as such.

[see you all, once again, one day]

You raise me up - Westlife - MyVideo

xx,Will 1/6/2008~~I've truly had it with everything. Still love.Still.

1 comment:

trinity-pup said...

oh Will... i wish i could give you lots of hugs right now... i am sending you lots of them and hope, strength and love too...

you know where i am if you want to talk...

t. x