Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Sexual Fantasy # 1" : For Art's Sake!"

If I were a true Artist, I wouldn't have to resort to stealing.

And so, the "fantasy" is simple: Reveal your wanderings, and reveal a bit of yourself.

Recently, this "New York Boy," had the pleasure of getting a commission, at the MOMA [Museum of Modern Art.] The Head Curator of Acquisitions, Mr.
James Johnston, sent me a letter, informing me that, "The Museum, being a virtual landmark, for years, would be most pleased with showing your Collection, via the Web."

I must say, I was bowled over~ ~("stunned", of course, is a better word; however, bowling has always been a pleasant past-time, and I lean in the direction of literalism, when the use of an adjective is necessary!)

In any event,~~ keeping in mind, that this is entirely "fiction"~~I doffed my Artist's hat, and put on my Artist's Mask, and joyfully gave up any sense of humility...

...ALL in the matter of a half-hour of Web-searching.

I must say, the results of these "wanderings" turned up some extraordinary Works! "The Sexual Themes of the Artist's Work," proclaimed WebARTS Magazine, "Is bound to cause giggles & wet panties for Years To Come."

Simon Schama, Professor of Art History at Columbia University, wrote, "The first word which comes to mind, while viewing this outrageous collection is:

His review, in ARTWEEK, went on to conclude: "If anything, NewYorkBoy's Collection, inspired me to investigate the life of Caravaggio."

Needless to say, The Web-Show was shut down, after one day of viewings.

[the site, I believe, exceeded the "search-engine HIT LIST" numbers at Google; caused 3,000 computers, nationwide, to crash unexpectedly; and, if that were not enough, caused power outages, (for the week of August 25th, 2007) throughout the Metropolitan Area~~including, Queens & Nassau County)

~~all of which, keep in mind, is fabrication (For Art's Sake!)~~

So..yes! I admit it. I confess!
I stole the images!

I claimed them as a legitimate "Collection" of Major artists, and used some of my own photographs, to create this impression. [What to do now!

....It was all a fantasy; a dream..So sexy, though. Larry Flint, of Hustler Magazine said, "The Hell with naughty Senators! Give me New York Boy's Collection. "

(I refused his offer.)

Instead, (all-the-above, lies, of course) I went to "Smilebox" and had a "Virtual Art Gallery Made."

Ahhhh, FANTASY....It's HOT!


xx,Will [aka: NewYorkBoy]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Will!
If don't have read my answer on my blog...
For the translation you can ask to "Help" of ( or to Google Translate (, that allows you to translate a web page.
For my stories... we are working there ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great work Will! A new world to explore! Have a great day!

Clare said...

That is such a great idea!

Thanks for your comment, even if it did say 'even craft', hee hee!

I do proper art as well but i've left school now, so it's much less structured!

Your art is awesome!



i was thinkin too much art frm it but really the art was good!!juz my other brain waves speakin...hehehe...well, thanks for dropping by mah page....and i have an art too....the art of a polluted mind...juz read it when u doin

Amity said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

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