Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why "Sugasm" Matters :

[This is the "Sugar Playlist" ~~Perfect for i-Pod; perfect for walking. Click "play" and read.]

It was a beautiful day, for a walk; more like August, than the beginning of October.
Today, while taking my daily Constitutional, I had the Sugasm on my brain.

The Sugasm, (or, Sugasm, as it's commonly called) celebrates it's 100th Post on Monday, October 8th, [Columbus Day, in the USA] 2007. The blog is a collecting of submissions; sex blog, sexy, submissions. It is a weekly digest, which promotes "the best of the week's sex blogs."

100 posts, and thousand's of submissions later, my daily constitutional (10 miles, walking), got me to thinking about, "why Sugasm Matters"; to me, and the people who read it; why, it matters to those who submit their work~~their creativity~~sometimes, on a weekly basis.

For those who have never heard of Sugasm, (and, I'm sure there must be someone in Blogville, who hasn't) please forgive my celebratory post. Maybe, just maybe, you'll be curious enough to check out Sugasm, or submit your own post, next week...(for "Sugasm #101")...

...But until then, if you want more Sugar, you can click the link at the bottom of this post.

So, back to my walk! I carry a little notebook with me wherever I go. It's tucked into the back pocket of my jeans. I always carry a pen. As I walked, I thought about "Why Sugasm Matters"...10 miles, slow walking, enjoying the day, and taking notes.

I wrote down 20 reasons why Sugasm Matters.

Here they are:

1.] Collectively, Sugasm, is far more stimulating than "Tales of The Arabian Night's."

2.] It's Sugar...but, anything BUT fattening.

3.] It's a helluva lot better for you than kegel's!!

4.] If you know what Sugasm is, than you not only understand this blog post~~You're Sexy!!

5.] If you're a contributor, (writer; or, one who submits) to Sugasm, you're a member (or, vagina) of a community of sexy, uninhibited, sex bloggers, who are passionate (ie: "horny") about, not only sex, but, Politics & Poetry as well. That's right, Poetry (the Goooood kind!)

6.] If you're a reader, [lurker, blog-poster, writer who doesn't submit, or commenter] of Sugasm, each week, you'll gain more knowledge, than you will ever find in, "Everything you've Always wanted to Know About Sex," "The Joy of Sex," or, "The Kinsey Report."

7.] Even though "sexual fantasy" is not a substitute for's better than nothing!

8.] When submitting a blog-post to Sugasm, you're telling the World: "I'm uninhibited, and love sex as much as I love, LOVE!! And, that's saying a lot!

9.] There are far, far, more damaging, and dangerously dark, things in the world, than the Hotness of Sugasm. So, Enjoy.

10.] After spending a few weeks, reading the submissions to Sugasm, you'll find your vocabulary has improved; your general appearance/affect, has strenghened; and, that the variety of your opinions have become so spicy~~they'll be, not only hot...but, sweet, too!

11.] Sugasm is a known cure for headaches, constipation, and e-coli (If you don't believe this, send me an e-mail, I'll tell you a story)

12.] The World, truly, would be a lessor place, without a daily dose of Sugasm.

13.] No where else, will you find humor, politics, poetry, activism, and sex, all on one page~~as wide-ranging as the Telelphone book, and far more interesting!

14.] A well informed public is our best defense. Even for those who "do it" in public.

15.] You can begin the Work-week exploring the, (sometimes) delightful world of BD/SM, without a paddle, or rope, or handcuffs. As a matter of fact, there's always enough blog posts submitted, to last you through the following weekend. It's better, my friends, than going fishing!

16.] You'll always find the best "half-nekkid" people at Sugasm.

17.] You'll always find the best "fully/completely Naked" people at Sugasm.

18.] You'll always find the best people who can write about half- nekkid people, and fully/completely naked people, at Sugasm (whether they be, fictional, or non-fictional.)

19.] The "bare" facts are always a good Sugasm.

20.] You can keep "Pour Some Sugar On Me," in your Playlist~~Just so you can write a post...just like this!

Well. There you have it.
Granted, it's not the sexiest post to appear in Sugasm #100. However, it IS the proper post, in order to Celebrate & give Thanks.

And, why, you may be asking, have I submitted a post to Sugasm, in praise of Sugasm??

That's easy,~~

Maybe, not sexy...but, easy:

Because, Sugasm me.


Happy 100th. Sugasm.....
Keep on Pouring!

(if you'd like to speak up, and say "why Sugasm Matters" to You, feel free to use the comment box. )

[for complete, and sexy, FYI, about Sugasm click this: SUGAR TIME!! ]


Curvaceous Dee said...

That's a great post, Will - and Def Leppard is the perfect accompaniment :)

xx Dee

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