Monday, October 1, 2007

"it'll be alright...."

It's the end of September,
and I've become fearless;

no longer shuddering,
like the leaves outside my window,

browning, and blown,
into October.

Tonight, I'll sing,
letting the words escape,
and surround.

It'll be alright,... long I have the smiles
of friends to see me through,

to the last bars:

a refrain.

Thank YOU.
`X~ Will.




Its the new days of 0ctober....and ur Will becomin brighter....when the Wind Blows ths November u Will be havin more Friends as U wished for and when the Snow Pours This comin December.......Gladly, Will be the Mightier Will He ever Dreamed of.....this Comin New Year.....Happy Holidays in Advance.......***Wink***


ur comment is Funny...thanks for dropping by....

Loving Annie said...

Good Monday evening to you, Will !

Thank you for cyber-coming by my blog after you saw me at Padme's "darkside" and leaving the comment !

But sugar, I think that the blog that you wanted to find is my OTHER blog (the naughty one)...

So please come visit me there, and I will be happy to link you in return !

Loving Annie
Mhmmm Yes I Love That

-eve- said...

Will, it's always good to see you! You remind me of sunshine... ;-)
Nice poem... peaceful... here's wishing you a nice October! :-)