Thursday, September 20, 2007


....11:28 pm. September 20, 2007.

~~There's so much I could tell you, but I won't. Just the facts:.
I'm glad I checked into the hospital.

I didn't stay in, as long as I thought I'd be in~~and, (believe it, or not) even the food tasted good. I've got to STOP smoking (Joining the Program!)~~

The small blood vessels have been effected by the cigs, causing the arteries to work all the harder. Why I ever continued to smoke, (even after a spontaneous collapsed lung. [Well, I did stop for a year. I was 18 years old!]) is beyond me.

~~I've got my Meds under control. Depression is a bitch...(tonight, I'm not even worried about the stigma of Mental Illness) Honesty tells me I'm not alone;...

...not the only only one seeing a doctor, on an Out-patient basis.

(There is so much I could tell you, but I won't)

See you later,

xx, Will.



Well, ur really not alone coz im a smoker too....and if ever am not gonna stop... i dnt have to wonder whn the doc says "your lungs all clear my dear..." am trying to the results is negative am still smokin and am tryin to cut it off....

Lil Bit said...

best of luck putting the cigs down, sweetie... hope ya regain your strength soon!