Friday, August 24, 2007

How To Deal With Bullies!! :


I'm done. I no longer need to defend myself.
Or...anyone else!

Blogville is TOO NASTY for my blood.

[I'll leave the deleting to others.



Lolly said...

I'm not sure what's going on, but I hope it doesn't mean you won't be writing :(

Stealth said...

William, you have to have a heart before you go claiming that blogland is too bloody.

Your comments were amusing at first, up until you started posting sick shit under my son's surgery posts.

YOU have crossed a huge line.

And before you call me a punk and promote yourself in my comment section, remember this.

Every writer on my blog has admin rights.

You better be sure you know who deleted your fucked up comment before you spout off.

I have warned you before, stay off my blog.

There is a price to pay for fucking with me as you well know.

You are acting like a little bitch who is obsessed.

Stay away from me.

Will said...

Responding to Stealth:

I do have a heart.
My comment (beneath your post about your Son's surgery) was heartfelt. All I wrote there was well-wishes for his surgery. I mentioned my own surgery on my eyes,(when I was your Son's age).
You erased/deleted this comment.
And yes, you've done this before, and it hurts, because I've done nothing, for you to carry-on with such venom. You, Melanie, are a USER. (You even Used your friends in The Wedding Party, to drive me out of blogging. Everything is SOOO NICE!)

I'm not going to go into anything NOT-NICE that you do. You're the CHILD in this.

I'm done. Anything more you feel you can do to me.

THink about this:

You're Singing in an empty room.

Let all this shit the Matrix, where it most certainly belongs.

Goodbye & Good Luck!

MasterABD said...

Well I've had my share of censorship happen to me in this wonderful world of blogging. Let me tell you, it nothing pisses you off more.

When you put a lot of thought and heart into a posting only to have it removed for whatever reason, its never a good feeling. However I learned the hard way one should just avoid the matters when they arise.

Starting a flame war going back and forth between blogs only loses your readers interest. Neither party benefits (trust me I've had websites shut down over such crap and others have literally stopped my traffic to none).

Best bet is, those who don't want you at their blog, just don't comment. Or if you feel like commenting, bring it back to your blog. Tell people what you read, and post your thoughts about it. It saves everyone a lot of time.

Also I'd love to know what you (and anyone else who reads this blog) think of my new design on the website. I added some features (like a chatterbox), and changed everything. I also closed all the mirrors (for reasons I can explain in private if you wish to know).

So... I shall see you soon I am sure. And happy traveling :o)

Lil Bit said...

This kind of stuff will only continue as long as long as you let it, sweetie.
In other words, if you truly ARE done with a person, place, or thing... then BE done w/that person, place, or thing.

Do not engage with the person/place/thing and it will cease to exist.

I know these things are easier said than done, but s/h, it's time to move on now, and you know it.


Will said...

Yes. It's time to move on.


I'm keeping her "jacket"
close to my vest.