Friday, August 10, 2007

Can Will / Bill Survive MPD ? :

Can names change the Universe? How about many "persona's," given voice; and, a tremulous re-working upon the themes of ones life.
At this point in my life, (in the cyberworld) I'm known by many names. These names, aka's all, have brought me joy, as well as sadness; a name, my friends, can change a person.
[When you're born, you are given a name. The name becomes your skin; your laughter; and your life. Those who are in your orbit, see your parents, and your ancestors, in your name. It was given to you; however, what the name says about you, began in the mind of your Mother & Father.]
In the course of blogging, so many changes occurred; in real life, and in the Matrix [ie: what a blogger friend, and I,have called the cyberspace we share] my Universe expanded, (yes, it did!)...but, so did the physical & mental trials in my day-to day existence.
I don't know where this Universe, begins & ends for me.
What I do know, is that mostly, this writing and sharing has been a comfort; a piece of my heart (no matter how "naughty," or persona-filled.)
Let's try to get along in this Universe. I have hurt people, and myself in this Universe, but I know it was never intentional~~until, of course, I had to defend myself.
All we, as Bloggers, can do is try to share what we can. It doesn't really matter what name, or persona, we use. All we can do is hope for some type of understanding. Because the world can be a scary place, where a heartbeat~~each heartbeat~~can change an individual life, I've decided to "keep on, keepin' on," as the great Civil Rights Leaders said, 40 years ago.
Only this time, (and, Lord knows, there have been MANY TIMES!) I'll be using my "real" name. Instead of "Bill" I'm expanding this Universe, once again...
I hope you'll join me, friends, for this ever-growing
Journey. I dedicate this blog, and all of those that came before it, to The Road Less Traveled. In the Spirit of the old poet:
Love, today & always,
Will. 8/11/07.....peace.


Juno Henry said...

I don't care in which guise you're around... as long as you *are* around.

Juno x

Lil Bit said...

"Two road diverged in a wood, and I...
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

Best of luck as you continue to travel the path of YOU & hope you find security & stability in your new bloggy home.


MasterABD said...

Your words truly do touch me and speak to me. Its as though this posting was intended for me. As always I look forward to your words.

I will change your links as soon as I have a spare moment. :o) Be well friend.

Curvaceous Dee said...

Hey Will - looks like this is going to be an interesting place!

I'm curious though: from the nature of your post it sounds as if you have MPD. Am I correct in that thinking? If so, we have an extra thing in common - one of my wonderful loves has DID (I talk a bit about it in my post about pansexuality).

xx Dee

The Dandelion Tamer said...

Dearest Will,

Your Truths; the nature of a human being risking Truth -whether it be cyber or hand to hand - takes an enormous amount of courage and forward-focused thinking.

I applaud you. You brought to mind totems, as they relate to names, fate, mythology, and practical decisions, such as choosing which roads we traverse or do not traverse; both being equally pivotal. Chaos...

Blogging brings with it a strange paradox, for me. I am privileged to see and read a fellow human being reaching out, revealing aspects of their personality -however unconventional- and, all this ethereal anonymity is great for many reasons (especially in these dark times, for safety's sake), yet I often feel the ache for encounters of the flesh. I am afflicted with remoteness, in most senses. It would be nice to be able to put a hand on your shoulder, to hug, to smile into another's eye, you get my meaning, I know.

Thanks for tripping the Muse my way.

Lolly said...

I've got chills!

Right ON, Brother! YOU speak my words ;)

Anonymous said...

Will, "Hey" back at ya'...enjoy CA...and LOL'd on the parents across the street comment! You're welcome aboard anytime and I'll have to check on that author you recommended for my list. Your new start looks interesting! See ya' at your commissioning Sep 16th. :-) Cap'n

Scarlett said...

Ths post really spoke to me after my long cyber silence where i've been living below the radar for far too long.

You've come a long way since the the Naked Truth when we were both so green and trying to figure out together how to add links - remember that? LOL!

I'll certainly continue to follow your journey.

hugs xxx